Seasarは、V2からDIContainer with AOP(S2Container)になりました。トランザクションの自動制御、トランザクションと連動したコネクションプーリングをPOJO(普通の Javaのクラス)から簡単に利用できます。もう重厚なアプリケーションサーバは必要ありません。TomcatやJettyのようなServletコンテナ上でS2Containerをさくっと動かせばよいのです。S2のテーマは次の2つです。

  • J2EEの解体と再構築
  • 易しさと優しさ



From version 2, Seasar became a DI Container with AOP ("S2Container"). Features such as transaction auto-management and transaction-related connection pooling can now be used by POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). You don't need a heavy application server any more, just execute S2Container on a Servlet container such as Tomcat or Jetty. The two themes of S2 are:

  • Simplify J2EE ("keep the best parts only")
  • User-friendliness for developers ("developers are users too!")

Previously, features like transaction management or connection pooling could not be used without an application server. For this reason, it was hard to do testing with such an in-container approach. S2 provides transaction management and connection pooling as a plain component. You can use them without an application server. S2 was created to remove the complexity of J2EE, and to use only the best features of J2EE.


  • www.seasar.org/en/s2.htmlとマージ。 -- swat 2005-04-24 14:56:14 (日)
  • 良くなりました(^∀^) -- shot 2005-04-26 12:36:50 (火)

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