Seasar DI Container with AOP

Welcome to S2Container.PHP5

The goal of S2Container.PHP5 project is to port Java Seasar2 to PHP5.




July 9,2006 Release s2container.php5-1.1.1
Oct.05,2005 Release s2container.php5-1.0.0-beta2
Sept.17,2005 Introduce S2Container.PHP5 at OSC2005-Fall.
".NET and PHP Support by Seasar"
Lecturer:Akihiro Habu (Seasar Foundation)
Sept.05,2005 Release s2container.php5-1.0.0-beta1
August 27,2005 Change project name to S2Container.PHP5.
Move repository from to
July 16,2005 sandbox event "Playing with Seasar Sandbox"
S2PHP5 participated
July 09,2005 OSC2005-Do "Java/PHP/.net Support! Using Di/AOP to Make Application Development Easier"
July 03,2005 Release s2php5-0.94
- Support dicon PHP configuration file
- Support DB connection as an extension
- Create extension document
June 09,2005 Release s2php5-0.93
- Finish porting (M1)
- Create Example
- Create documentation
June 08,2005 [@IT] The Complete Seasar Project (Part 1)
May 30,2005 [PC WEB] "Applying Making J2EE Easier Techology to .NET" - Release .NET version Seasar S2.NET and S2JCA 0.2.0
May 29,2005 Import to version management system
May 18,2005 Release s2php5-0.92
May 15,2005 Start S2PHP5 project at


  • Development environment OS : Windows2000, XP
    PHP : php-5.0.5-Win32 binary
    IDE : Eclipse + PHPeclipse

  • S2Container.PHP5 is tested on the following environment:
    • Windows2000, XP : php-5.0.5-Win32, php-5.0.4-Win32
    • RedHat Linux 8.0 : php-5.0.5, php-5.0.4